Do caskets explode underground?


Do caskets explode underground?

Do caskets explode underground?

Caskets have been known to explode in a mausoleum, just as they may in a ground burial. The difference is there can be extensive damage to the mausoleum. Protective seals or liners (including those with 'burp valves') will do nothing to stop this.

Is exploding casket syndrome for real?

Exploding Casket Syndrome. In the airless environment of the sealer casket, it's the anaerobic bacteria that thrive. Unlike their oxygen-fueled aerobic counterparts, these agents attack the body's organic matter by putrefying it, turning soft body parts to mush and bloating the corpse with foul-smelling gas.

What is exploding casket syndrome?

Exploding casket syndrome, as it is known in the death industry, occurs when these decomposition processes are not given adequate space to perform.

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