Does Oliver Queen Marry Felicity?


Does Oliver Queen Marry Felicity?

Does Oliver Queen Marry Felicity?

By Nicole Drum - 10:08 am EDT. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak got married this season on Arrow and ever since the pair made it official, fans have wondered what's next for the couple.

Does Oliver hook up with Felicity?

Oliver and Felicity's hookup comes with a twist: Oliver and Felicity are going to do the deed in Nanda Parbat, but you'll never guess who pushes Felicity to finally go there - or how it ends. And once Felicity makes up her mind, she doesn't hold anything back.

Who does Oliver Queen Marry?

Oliver Queen is a returning character from the show, who was a regular for multiple seasons. He is married to Chloe Sullivan-Queen .In the TV series Smallville he was portrayed by Justin Hartley who also portrayed Aquaman .

Do Felicity and Oliver get together?

You guessed it. According to David Ramsey , Oliver and Felicity are getting back together. During a panel at HVFF, Ramsey spoke with fans about his position on the show and where his character, Diggle, would venture in Season 5. However, he did take a moment to tease Olicity shippers that their OTP wasn’t dead yet.

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