Where are the sister dorms at Purdue University?


Where are the sister dorms at Purdue University?

Where are the sister dorms at Purdue University?

Earhart Hall and Shreve Hall: Dubbed “Shrevehart,” these sister dorms are located close to the intramural fields and the Cordóva Recreational Center. Both buildings have air conditioning and most rooms are the traditional two-person dorm room with a community bathroom.

Do you live on campus at Purdue University?

Most freshmen and many students choose to live on campus for the first years when at Purdue. With housing contracts coming up soon, hopefully this ranking of Purdue University dorms will help you choose which is the best dorm for you next year!

Is the Purdue Exponent dorm still in use?

The school clarified that the specific makeshift dorm shared by Purdue Exponent is not currently in use, but confirmed that there are others like it that are currently housing students. People online, like 24-year-old Danielle Render, who is a Purdue alum, are sharing these photos to highlight the problem with over-admitting students.

Which is the most expensive residence hall at Purdue?

The towers float on its own island and is just across the road from Harrison and Earhart Residence Halls. Because of the luxury of this dorm living, it is the most expensive at $14,298 at a 10-meal plan.

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