Do you cut rye grass or tall fescue?


Do you cut rye grass or tall fescue?

Do you cut rye grass or tall fescue?

If you decide to use a ryegrass mixture, you should ensure you cut your grass regularly to stop the ryegrass from crowding out other grasses. Perennial Ryegrass can be grown in various soils but isn’t as drought tolerant as tall fescue.

Which is more drought resistant ryegrass or tall fescue?

Tall fescue is a drought-resistant grass species and is more able to cope with drought than perennial ryegrass. This is due to its root system, which is very deep and able to access water deeper in the soil.

Can you put ryegrass in a turf seed mix?

Perennial ryegrass has a medium texture and a bright green color. It grows quickly and germinates early, and it is often included in turf seed mixtures. Its growth habit, however, may cause it to compete unfavorably with other species, so it shouldn't comprise more than 20 percent of any mixture.

What happens to rye grass in the winter?

Ryegrass can become dormant in the winter in some states, including Montana, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. If it gets too cold, the grass may even die. Tall fescue likes drier soil that’s well-drained and thrives in regions with clay soil in central America.

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