Is Ivy Tech Community College accredited?


Is Ivy Tech Community College accredited?

Is Ivy Tech Community College accredited?

Ivy Tech Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Ivy Tech Community College was ranked first in the nation amongst two-year colleges by Community College Week (2015). There are no reviews to display.

Where are the Ivy Tech locations?

Ivy Tech’s Central Indiana location actually consists of two campuses in North Meridian and Lawrence. However, the school also offers classes in several high schools and learning centers throughout central Indiana, accounting for 16 total sites.

What is Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech was founded in 1963 as Indiana's Vocational Technical College in order to provide technical and vocational education for various industries and was rechartered as a system of vocational technical schools in 2005. The name "Ivy Tech" derives from an initialism (I.V.

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