Do you write 0 : 00am or 0.00pm?


Do you write 0 : 00am or 0.00pm?

Do you write 0 : 00am or 0.00pm?

AM:mean befor the midnight,and PM means after noon. It is incorrect to write 0:00p.m. The use of 0:00 implies a 24-hour clock system, while the use of A.M. and P.M. implies a 12-hour clock system. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong to use both together.

How to convert am to pm on a clock?

For the first hour of the day (00:00 to 00:59), add 12 Hours, make it "AM". Examples: 00:10 = 12:10 AM, 00:40 = 12:40 AM. From 01:00 to 11:59, just make it "AM". Examples: 01:15 = 1:15 AM, 11:25 = 11:25 AM. From 12:00 to 12:59, just make it "PM". Examples: 12:10 = 12:10 PM, 12:55 = 12:55 PM.

What's the difference between 12 am and 12 pm?

Therefore refering to noon or midnight as 12:00:00 pm or 12:00:00 am is nonsensical.. just say noon or midnight.. There is no confusion as to what 12:35 pm refers to and what does 12:07 am mean.. but 12 am to refer to midnight or 12 pm to refer to noon are both incorrect in a litteral sense..

Which is the correct time to write 12hr 00min?

So using pure logic, refering to noon (the12hr 00min 00sec of the day) should be written 12 AM, while the 12hr 00min 01sec (just one sec after noon) should be written as 12:00:01 PM (and it is)..

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