Do you need frets to play a fretless bass?


Do you need frets to play a fretless bass?

Do you need frets to play a fretless bass?

Even incredibly skilled bassist may have trouble with significantly fast and/or staccato riffs on a fretless bass. The frets allow the bassist's hands to fly over the neck without worrying about absolute precision. Why Play a Fretless Bass? So, what would make someone want to consider playing a fretless bass instead of a fretted bass?

Who is the inventor of the fretless bass guitar?

Most of the pop music that we hear on Spotify and YouTube falls under the category of “Western Music”. The attribution to the invention of the fretless bass guitar is given to Jaco Pastorius, who between 1969 and 1970, removed the frets from his Fender Jazz electric bass.

What are the advantages of a fretted bass guitar?

The margin of error is dramatically minimized with a fretted bass. Wherever you place your finger within the fret (aside from maybe a little buzzing) you will hear the exact pitch because the string is being cut off at the fret, not where your finger is touching. Clarity is also a major benefit when it comes to the fretted bass.

Is the finger position the same on fretless bass guitar?

The finger positions are roughly the same. However, your intonation is the key to producing clear notes, as nothing sounds more off than an out of tune fretless bass guitar. A few simple things to help you master it quicker:

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