Does OxiClean work on Grout?


Does OxiClean work on Grout?

Does OxiClean work on Grout?

Unlike chlorine bleach that may discolor the grout, OxiClean will clean, sanitize and remove stains without harming the grout. Furthermore, OxiClean is environmentally friendly unlike more harsh products commonly used to clean grout. Using OxiClean to clean your tile grout will leave it bright and clean without compromising the grout itself.

How to clean grout using natural products?

  • Baking soda. The natural abrasive texture and whitening power of baking soda can help you get your grout clean. ...
  • Vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with an equal amount of water and light vinegar - such as white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
  • Commercial grout cleaners. You can find plenty of commercial grout cleaning products on the market. ...

    How can I clean this Grout?

    Here are some of the more popular solutions that people use to assist the removal of hard grout: Sugared Water - (not to be confused with sugar soap). ... Vinegar - Vinegar is an acid and therefore you need to be careful that you do not damage the tile surface. ... Other Acids and Sulfamic Acid - These are more powerful acids and the process is the same as with vinegar. ...

    How do you clean grout lines?

    One traditional way to clean grout lines is using household chlorine bleach. For a full-strength application, simply dip a grout brush into a small container of bleach, scrub the grout thoroughly, then rinse with water. There are also some great grout bleach products on the market. Wear Safety Gear.

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