Is'mehta'a Punjabi Brahmin surname if not?


Is'mehta'a Punjabi Brahmin surname if not?

Is'mehta'a Punjabi Brahmin surname if not?

Yes Mehtas are Punjabi Brahmins also . This surname is in Punjabi Brahmin families . I am Punjabi Brahmin .My maternal Aunty is from Mehtas .I have heard many punjabi Brahmins who are Mehtas .No doubt punjabi Aroras and khatris are also Mehtas .

Who are the Mehtas in the Brahmin community?

Mehta’s are part of Mohyal Brahmin clan. Mohyals are warrior community of Brahmins and they claim Lord Parshuram their ancestor. Dutt, Chhibbar, Mohan, Bali, Mehta , Vaid surnames belongs to this community. However they are known as Brahmin but leave regular Brahmin activities long back.

What kind of jobs did Brahmins do in India?

However, Indian texts state that only a sub-sect of Brahmins was originally involved in priestly duties, whereas others were warriors, doctors, agriculturists, traders, poets, writers, landowners, and held a variety of other occupations in the Indian subcontinent (1).

What are the names of the Telugu Brahmins?

Telugu Brahmin surnames have a huge variety. Firstly, Telugu Brahmins are divided into four major catergories: Niyogi, Dravida, Vaidiki, and some Deshasthas.

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