Do you have to register an ATV in Texas?


Do you have to register an ATV in Texas?

Do you have to register an ATV in Texas?

No, ATV registration is no longer required in Texas. Under the provisions of HB3849, TxDOT would no longer register all-terrain vehicles (ATV) for off-highway use; and the $6 registration fee and $6 ATV safety fee would no longer be collected.

Do you need an OHV decal to ride an ATV in Texas?

Yes, any type of OHV, that includes ATVs, motorcycles, full sized OHVs, or other types of OHVs, used at venues where OHV recreation is legal and which are located on public lands, or at private OHV venues which have received TPWD OHV grant monies, are required to have a current Texas OHV decal properly mounted on the vehicle before riding.

Can a UTV be an off highway vehicle in Texas?

An Off-Highway Vehicle decal issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. ATVs, ROVs, UTVs and Sand Rails with an Off-Highway Vehicle license plate may be operated on roads in the following situations: In a master planned community with a uniform set of restrictive covenants and a county or municipality-approved plat

Where can I Ride my OHV in Texas?

This law applies to all public lands in Texas including all municipal, county, state or federal lands where OHV recreation is approved and legal. The OHV decal is also required to ride at private OHV venues which are open to the public and which have received OHV grant monies from TPWD.

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